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BOB CROW MEMORIAL EVENT ‘Plundering London Underground’ with Janine Booth, and Peter Pinkney
Wednesday 23rd April, 7pm

Hysteria –a feminist periodical, new issue launch with Minna Salami aka MsAfropolitan + more tbc
Saturday 26th April, 6.30pm

‘Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War to End Apartheid’ with Alan Wieder
Wednesday 30th April, 7pm

‘Eco-Anarchism in the 1970s: London’s Street Farm collective’ with Stephen E. Hunt
Wednesday 14th May, 7pm

INTERNATIONAL CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS’ DAY EVENT: ‘Objection Overruled’ and ‘Comrades in Conscience’ with David Boulton and Cyril Pearce
Thursday 15th May, 7pm

‘Against Austerity: How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made’ with Richard Seymour
Wednesday 21st May, 7pm

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom present: ‘Settling Scores: The Media, the Police & the Miners’ Strike’ with Nick Jones and Tony Harcup
Wednesday 28th May, 7pm

‘Sylvia Pankhurst, Suffrage, and the Battle for the Census’ with Jill Liddington and Katherine Connelly
Wednesday 11th June, 7pm

‘Writings against the First World War’ with Bruce Kent and A.W. Zurbrugg
Wednesday 18th June, 7pm

STIR SPRING ISSUE LAUNCH: ‘Anarchists in the Boardroom’ with Liam Barrington-Bush
Wednesday 25th June, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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On this page you will find exclusive video and audio from events that have taken place at Housmans, as well as the Vision On TV player, featuring exclusive independent media content from the Undercurrents collective.

There's plenty more content on Housmans' YouTube channel, which can be found here.

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Recorded Events at Housmans


In a rare visit from the USA, Michael Albert, author of ‘ParEcon: Life After Capitalism’, ‘Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism’ and co-editor and co-founder of the influential US publication ‘Z Mag’, delivered an introductory overview of the theory and practice he has developed over 30 plus years of activism. Drawing on his own experiences and extensive knowledge he addressed the key problems facing the revolutionary left today and suggested solutions for more effective organising. An audio recording of the event is available by clicking here. (23.10.10)

*An audio recording from Terry Liddle's talk on the relationship between Darwin, Marx and Aveling is available for download by clicking here.

*Malcolm Hopkins from Housmans Bookshop in discussion with Ken Worpole, Laura Oldfield-Ford, John Rogers and Merlin Coverley discussing London’s social history, literary London, the occult, deep topography, psychogeography, radicalism and much else besides. Originally broadcast Monday July 13th 2009. Available as podcast Produced by Nick Hamilton courtesy Resonance FM


Naomi Klein discusses 'The Shock Doctrine' in an exclusive interview at Housmans

London Perambulator Q&A with John Rogers & Nick Papadimitriou Housmans Bookshop 25th July 2009

A short preview of a talk given by Nick Davies about his latest book 'Flat Earth News' at Housmans Bookshop on Wednesday 1st April 2009.

Renowned, controversial and prominent author and feminist, Nawal El Saadaawi discusses feminist activism and her role in the feminist movement.

John Sinclair ~ The Prophecy of Jack Kerouac ~ Housmans Bookshop 8th April 2009.

Anthony Barnett and Peter Facey explain the politics behind, and the movement surrounding Charter 88 - a video in 10 parts.


There's plenty more content, including more from the speakers above, on Housmans' YouTube channel, which can be found here.

Vision On Grassroots TV

From our friends at Undercurrents, the player below has lots of exculsive footage from grassroots campaigns taking place around Britain.

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