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Anarchist Federation present: ‘Revolutionary Women’ with Nick Heath
Wednesday 3rd February, 7pm

‘The Hammer Blow – how 10 women disarmed a warplane’ with Andrea Needham
Wednesday 10th February, 7pm

‘The Influencing Machinewith Mike Jay
Tuesday 16th Febuary, 7.00pm

KEY CONCEPTS SERIES: ‘Postanarchism’ with Saul Newman
Wednesday 17th February, 7pm

LGBT HISTORY MONTH BOOK LAUNCHES : ‘Consequences’ with Elizabeth J. Lister and‘Kissyface’ with Elsa Wallace 
Thursday 25th February, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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We regularly have a variety of events in the shop, and are always welcome for suggestions from authors, artists and campaigners who want to use the shop for evening events. Past events include talks, book signings, film screenings, art exhibitions and musical performances.

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Anarchist Federation present:
‘Revolutionary Women’

with Nick Heath

Wednesday 3rd February, 7.00pm

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

“[We] women must simply take our place without begging for it.”
– Louise Michel


Anarchism proclaims itself against all hierarchies which would include the oppression of women. Women were to enter the anarchist movement precisely because they were attracted by these new liberating ideas of emancipation and equality. But the subordination of women was at best a peripheral concern of the anarchist movement as a whole.

Most anarchists refused to recognise the specificity of women’s subordination, and few men were willing to give up the power over women they had enjoyed for so long. Everywhere women were forced to fight against the hidebound attitudes and prejudices of their male comrades. Nevertheless they persisted. Emma Goldman, Voltairine de Cleyre, Louise Michel, and Lucy Parsons are the names that come to mind if one thinks of anarchist women but there were many others just as determined, devoted and courageous.

Nick Heath discusses the new Anarchist Federation pamphlet ‘Revolutionary Women’ (2015, £2) which makes an attempt to illuminate the lives of these lesser known women anarchists, such as Clara Gilbert Cole, Virginia Bolten, Victorine Brocher-Rouchy and Johanna Lahr, to mention just a few.

Author Nick Heath is member of the Anarchist Federation.


‘The Hammer Blow – how 10 women disarmed a warplane’
with Andrea Needham
Wednesday 10th February, 7.00pm

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Housmans are very proud to welcome Andrea Needham, who alongside Jo Blackman and Lotta Kronlid, broke into a British Aerospace factory in Lancashire on the 29 January 1996 and used household hammers to disarm a Hawk warplane bound for Indonesia.

They were arrested, charged with £2.4m of criminal damage, and sent to prison to await trial. A week later, Angie Zelter joined them, accused of conspiracy. After six months in prison, all four were acquitted by a Liverpool jury in a court case that effectively put Britain’s arms trade on trial.

The disarmament could not have happened without the support of the other six members of the Seeds of Hope Ploughshares group – Lyn Bliss, Clare Fearnley, Emily Johns, Jen Parker, Ricarda Steinbrecher and Rowan Tilly – who were absolutely integral to the whole action from the very start.

Andrea Needham’s new book, ‘The Hammer Blow – how 10 women disarmed a warplane’, will be published by Housmans’ sister-publication Peace News on the 29th January, the 20th anniversary of the action.

‘The Influencing Machine’

with Mike Jay
Tuesday 16th Febuary, 7.00pm

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase


Mike Jay

Confined in Bedlam in 1797 as an incurable lunatic, James Tilly Matthews’ case is one of the most bizarre in the annals of psychiatry. He was the first person to insist that his mind was being controlled by a machine: the Air Loom, a terrifying secret weapon whose mesmeric rays and mysterious gases were brainwashing politicians and plunging Europe into revolution, terror and war.

But Matthews’ case was even stranger than his doctors realised: many of the incredible conspiracies in which he claimed to be involved were entirely real. Caught up in high-level diplomatic intrigues in the chaos of the French revolution, he found himself betrayed by both sides, and in possession of a secret that no-one would believe…

‘One of the greatest books you’ve never read’ .. William Gibson

‘Beautifully written, with all the drama, the rich characterization, the subtlety, of a fine novel.’
from the foreword by Oliver Sacks

with Saul Newman
Wednesday 17th February, 7.00pm

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

What shape can radical politics take today in a time abandoned by the great revolutionary projects of the past? In light of recent uprisings around the world against the neoliberal capitalist order, Saul Newman argues that anarchism - or as he calls it postanarchism - forms our contemporary political horizon.

In this book, Newman develops an original political theory of postanarchism; a form of anti-authoritarian politics which starts, rather than finishes, with anarchy. He does this by asking four central questions: who are we as subjects; how do we resist; what is our relationship to violence; and, why do we obey?

By drawing on a range of heterodox thinkers including La Boétie, Sorel, Benjamin, Stirner and Foucault, the author not only investigates the current conditions for radical political thought and action, but proposes a new form of politics based on what he calls ontological anarchy and the desire for autonomous life.

Rather than seeking revolutionary emancipation or political hegemony, we should affirm instead the non-existence of power and the ever-present possibilities of freedom.

As the tectonic plates of our time are shifting, revealing the nihilism and emptiness of our political and economic order, postanarchism’s disdain for power in all its forms offers us genuine emancipatory potential.

with Elizabeth J. Lister
with Elsa Wallace
Thursday 25th February, 7.00pm

Free entry

Paradise Press, one of the largest and longest-running gay publishers, presents an evening of author readings. Two new titles will be launched Consequences, the fifth and last story in Elizabeth J Lister's series of lesbian romances: and Kissyface, by Elsa Wallace, a collection of stories, many set in Africa. The evening will also include readings of poems and short fiction by other authors from Paradise Press.

Paradise Press is the imprint of the Gay Authors’ Workshop, set up in 1999 to get work published in the face of indifference by mainstream publishers to lesbian and gay writing.




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