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'Poor but Sexy: Culture Clashes in Europe East and West' with Agata Pyzik
Wednesday 26th November, 7pm

Para-academia’ with Deborah Withers, Alex Wardrop, and Charlotte Cooper
Saturday 6th December, 6.30pm

‘Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished? The legacy of 14 years of war’ with Maya Evans
Wednesday 10th December, 7pm

'The Democratic SurroundMultimedia and American Liberalism from World War II to the Psychedelic Sixties' 
with Fred Turner

Friday 19th December, 7pm

'Class Wargames Book Talk and Collective Playing of Brian Mayer’s Freedom: the underground railroad' with Richard Barbrook 
Monday 22th December, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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Housmans Specials

Housmans Bookshop is the main broad-based radical bookshop in London, and is one of the most significant radical bookshops in the country. We stock a huge range of books covering fields such as peace and anti-militarism, the environment, human rights and civil liberties, gender and sexuality, anarchism and socialism.

On this page you will find a selection of our books which are either exclusive to Housmans or hard to find elsewhere. Click to buy online, or give us a call to order over the phone.



Pits & Perverts T-Shirt

NEW! Pits & Perverts T-shirt

Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners

T-shirt commemorating the 1984 fundraising event "Pits and Perverts", at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, organised by Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners (as featured in the 2014 film Pride)

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The London Adventure

NEW! The London Adventure

by Arthur Machenn

After being out of print for many years, Three Impostors has published a new edition of The London Adventure, another of Machen’s autobiographical volumes. Limited edition, 250 numbered copies; 160 pages, hardback, with illustrated dust cover and specially commissioned foreword by Merlin Coverley. Copies purchased from Housmans are signed by Merlin Coverley.

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Our Unknown Everywhere

NEW! Our Unknown Everywhere: Arthur Machen as Presence

Iain Sinclair

Published by Three Imposters in 2013 in a limited edition of 350 copies, this is an edited and expanded version of a talk given by Iain Sinclair at Housmans in April 2013, as part of a series of events organised to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Machen’s birth. £10.

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Football Cronicas

NEW! The Football Crónicas

Edited by Jethro Soutar and Tim Girven

The Football Crónicas is a not-for-profit book of football-themed essays from Latin America; the book had its launch at Housmans in June 2014. Subjects include a prison team in Argentina, a transvestite team in Colombia, a kidnapped team in Bolivia; Quechuan women playing in bowler hats in the Peruvian Andes, a Latino immigrant league in New York, and Chilean hooligans on an away trip to Buenos Aires. (Ragpicker Press, 2014). £10.

No Glory

NEW! No Glory: The Real History of the First World War

By Neil Faulkner

A new pamphlet by historian Neil Faulkner looks at the real reasons for the outbreak of the First World War. This pamphlet is part of No Glory in War, a national campaign of political, cultural, and educational activities that opposes ‘nationalist’ interpretations of the First World War, and aims to promote international solidarity and peace. (Stop the War Coalition, 2014). £4.

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King's Cross: A Sense of Place

NEW! King's Cross: A Sense of Place

Angela Inglis with Nigel Buckner

King's Cross has been home to Housmans Bookshop since 1959. This book celebrates the survival and rebirth of a small corner of historica London, thanks to the vision and tireless campaigning of people who have lived, worked and believed in this area. (Matador). RRP: £19.95. Our price: £10.

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One Hundred Years of the Cambridge Labour party

Richard Johnson and Ashley Walsh

This history follows the triumphs and failures of an unlikely band of workers, trade unionists, Christian socialists, co-operators, anti-fascists, pacifists, feminists, students and academics as they struggled to fight for their socialist faith in the heartland of the British establishment.

Through memoirs, notebooks, interviews and many other sources, the authors have brought to life the story of this remarkable party.
(Cambridge Labour party) 14.95

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The Mechanics Institute Review Issue 9 Housmans Bookshop

Guy Debord's The Game of War

The extended film script

This book contains the extended version of the script which Ilze Black used to make her film 'Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord's The Game of War'. Also included are the first nine Communiques produced by Class Wargames as they played the game at various venues.

Richard Barbrook & Fabian Tompsett

(Unpopular Books, 2012)

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The A6 Murder [part 1] Was James Hanratty Innocent? Norma Buddle Housmans Bookshop

The A6 Murder [parts 1-4]

Was James Hanratty Innocent?

Norma Buddle

(Norma Buddle, 2012)

The Full and Bound Volume
The A6 Murders - Was James Hanratty Innocent 1-4

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Beating the Fascists Sean Birchall Housmans Bookshop

Beating The Fascists

Sean Birchall

(Freedom Press, 2010)

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Spedan's Partnership The story of John Lewis and Waitrose Peter Cox Housmans Bookshop

Spedan's Partnership:
The story of John Lewis and Waitrose

Peter Cox

(Labatie Books, 2010)

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The Uninhabitable City Aidan Andrew Dun Housmans Bookshop

The Uninhabitable City

Aidan Andrew Dun

(Goldmark Uppingham, 2005)

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Salvia Divinorum Aidan Andrew Dun Housmans Bookshop

Salvia Divinorum

Aidan Andrew Dun

(Goldman Uppingham, 2007)

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Vale Royal Aidan Andrew Dun Housmans Bookshop

Vale Royal

Aidan Andrew Dun

(Dark Star 2010)

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the Conquest of Violence Bart De Ligt Housmans Bookshop

The Conquest of Violence

Essay on War and Revolution

introduced by Aldous Huxley
Bart De Ligt
  (Pluto Press, 2009)
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Camden Parasites
Daniel Lux
  (Phoenix Press, 2007)


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The Great Liberty Riot of 1780 John Nicholson Housmans Bookshop

The Great Liberty Riot of 1780

John Nicholson

(BM BOZO, 1985)

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War is a Crime Against Humanity
Devi Prasad
(War Resisters International, 2005)
RRP £28.00
Housmans Special Price: £17.99

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Government is Violence Leo Tolstoy Housmans Bookshop

Government is Violence

On Anarchihsm and Pacifism
Leo Tolstoy
  (Phoenix Press, 1990)
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Remembering Colin Ward  Five Leaves Housmans Bookshop

Remembering Colin Ward [1924-2010]

(Five Leaves, 2011)


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Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns War Resisters International Housmans Bookshop

Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

War Resisters International (WRI Press, 2009)

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Priced at just £8.50 in the shop (see ordering buttons below for prices including shipping costs), this 200-page bibliography is destined to be a key resource for both activists and academics for years to come.

Compiled by April Carter, Howard Clark and Michael Randle, this is an annotated bibliography of nearly 1000 itemised references, providing a guide both to recent campaigns and to the theory and practice of nonviolent action. It covers diverse movements, some not exclusivly nonviolent, and raises highly controversial issues. Introductions to each section provide relevent historical background, and also note some criticisms.

This is a powerful reference source for activists, and will be of use to students and academics dealing with the history, politics or sociology of popular movements around the world.


Secondhand Books

We have frequent book sales, with the stock largely made up of a fluctuating - and also highly eclectic - range of secondhand books. These books cover many of the areas you find in the shop's main stock, but will also often surprise you (they do us sometimes!). Our secondhand sale stock will typically include many hundreds of books at just £1, and sometimes many more at £2 and £3. Obviously, it's difficult for us to answer questions as to exactly which titles we have in stock at any moment (though you can always ask) - but that's yet another excuse for you to visit us for a leisurely and rewarding browse. Housmans is happy to accept donations of secondhand books to help us to raise money to support our work. This is also a helpful way for many (long out of print) classic radical titles to be recycled to other, newer activists who might value them.