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‘Bad Girls: The Rebels and Renegades of Holloway Prison’
with Caitlin Davies
Wednesday 20th March, 7pm

An evening of Sex & Politics with Lucy-Anne Holmes and Robert Woodshaw
Wednesday 27th March, 7pm

The Unruly Curiosity of the UK Music Press in the 1960s-80s’
with Mark Sinker and Owen Hatherley

Wednesday 3rd April, 7pm

Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Monday 8th April, 7pm

'Chav Solidairty' with D Hunter
Wednesday 10th April, 7pm

'Women's Struggle in the Workplace' with Sally Groves and Louise Raw
Wednesday 17th April, 7pm

Anthony Howell launches 'Consciousness (with Mutilation)'
Wednesday 24th April, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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Key/recommended texts
New and recent publications
Topic 1: Pacifism and nonviolence
Topic 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc
Topic 3: Peace education
Topic 4: Peace research
Topic 5: Women and peace
Topic 6: Lifestyles and religious
Topic 7: Disarmament, arms race
Topic 8: Nuclear and other WMDs
Topic 9: Arms trade
Topic 10: Specific wars
Topic 11: "Terrorism" [Classification not yet available]
Topic 12: Peace movement history
Topic 13: Miscellaneous topics
Topic 14: General peace issues
Topic 15: Relevant fiction and poetry
Topic 16: Journals [Classification not yet available]
Topic 17: Reference [Classification not yet available]

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Relevant fiction and poetry

This is a small selection of fiction and poetry which is closely related to the issues dealt with in this part of the shop - it includes a few items written by notable pacifists and other peace campaigners. [See also the shop's main fiction and poetry sections.]

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.



Many are Called

Pat Arrowsmith

(Onlywomen Press, 1998)

A humorous novel from this notorious pacifist activist and writer

pbk £3.00


On the Brink

Pat Arrowsmith

(Campaign for Nuclear Disamament, London, 1981)

This collection of poetry - with a foreword by Adrian Mitchell - includes a number of Pat's poems which seem to be about matters with little to do with nuclear weapons or other campaigning issues - yet even these ones are frequently not what they seem, having a sting in the tale which is so typical of Pat.

pmphlt £2.25


Born 1925 - A Novel of Youth

Vera Brittain

(Macmillan, 1948)

hbk £3.50


Because you Died - Poetry and Prose of the First World War and After

Vera Brittain (edited by Mark Bostridge)

(Virago Press, London, 2010)

The collection includes some items not previously published

pbk £8.99


Still Dews - An Anthology of Peace

(Ed) Fiona Castle

(Hodder & Stoughton, 2002)

A collection of poems, songs and prose, dealing with personal peace, social peace and world peace.

pbk £4.99


A New Waste Land - Timeship Earth at Nillenium

Michael Horovitz

(New Departures, London, 2007)

Deconstructing the forces of darkness, is this his most political work to date?

pbk £15.00


There's a Tree in the Meadow - A Book of Destiny

Tina Hyder

(Advocate House, Sarasota, Florida, USA, 2007)

A simultaneously slight and cloying "love story" riddled with religiosity, written by someone "no longer affiliated with any political party" claiming to include "the simple secret for world peace".

pbk £5.00


Mama Leone

Miljenko Jergovic (trans David Williams)

(Archipelago Books, New York, USA, 2012)

This talented storyteller writes of a family odyssey against the background of the Balkan wars.

pbk £11.99


The Buzzards of Zinn - A Story of War and Peace

George Miller

(The Medlar Press, Ellesmere, Shropshire, 2010)

A story which uses fantasy to expose the horrors of contemporary reality.

pbk £9.95


War Poems and others

Wilfred Owen (edited, and with an introduction by, Dominic Hibberd)

(Chatto & Windus, London, 1973)

A rare copy of this well-contexted and well-annotated edition of Owen's poetry - including his well-known classic anti-war texts.

hbk £22.50


Men Who March Away: Poems of the First World War

(Ed) IM Parsons

(Book Club Associates, London, 1978)

An anthology of works by the better-known, and some less well-known, of the First World War poets.

hbk £3.75


Strange Meetings - The Poets of the Great War

Harry Ricketts

(Chatto & Windus, London, 2010)

The story of the sometimes intertwined lives of some of the leading poets of that era - stories of their lives that may well be unknown even to those familiar with some of their poetry.

hbk £12.99



John Spencer

(Abecasis Verlag, Okayama, Japan, 2006)

Poems by a Second World War concientious objector, some relating to his time working on farms during the war.

pbk £4.95


Eunice Fleet

Lily Tobias

(Honno Classics, 2004)

A novel about the treatment of conscientious objectors in the First World War, by an author two of whose brothers were COs. This classic has been reprinted after being out of print for more than half a century.

pbk £5.99


War Games: A Collection of Short Stories

Gerry Wells

(Menin House Publishers, Eastbourne, Sussex, 2010)

Written by a World War Two veteran.

pbk £9.95


Selected Poetry of the First World War

(Wordsworth Poetry Library, Ware, Hertfordshire, 1995)

A cheap and cheerful introduction to the field, which manages to cram in almost all the ones you've heard of - and some more.

pbk £3.99

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