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‘Kettling the Unions?’ with Alan Tuckman
Wednesday 3rd October, 7pm

David Rovics and Jack Harris Unplugged at Housmans
Friday 5th October, 7pm 

‘Fault Lines’ poetry with Laura Taylor and Janine Booth
Saturday 6th October, 7pm

‘Singing for Our Lives: Stories from the Street Choirs’ with the Campaign Choirs Writing Collective
Wednesday 10th October, 7pm

The Colour of Madness: exploring BAME mental health in the UK
Friday 12th October, 7pm

Peace News present:  'Nonviolent Anarchism/Nonviolent Revolution' with Milan Rai
Friday 19th October, 7pm 

London Anarchist Federation present: ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anarchism...’
Saturday 20th October, 7pm 

‘The Leaderless Revolution’ with Carne Ross in discussion with Wail Qasim
Sunday 21st October, 7pm

‘David Bowie, Pop Music and the Decade Sci-Fi Exploded’  with Jason Heller
Wednesday 24th October, 7pm 

60 Years of Raya Dunayevskaya’s ‘Marxism and Freedom’: 
On Class, Race and Automation

Wednesday 7th November, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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Key/recommended texts
New and recent publications
Topic 1: Pacifism and nonviolence
Topic 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc
Topic 3: Peace education
Topic 4: Peace research
Topic 5: Women and peace
Topic 6: Lifestyles and religious
Topic 7: Disarmament, arms race
Topic 8: Nuclear and other WMDs
Topic 9: Arms trade
Topic 10: Specific wars
Topic 11: "Terrorism" [Classification not yet available]
Topic 12: Peace movement history
Topic 13: Miscellaneous topics
Topic 14: General peace issues
Topic 15: Relevant fiction and poetry
Topic 16: Journals [Classification not yet available]
Topic 17: Reference [Classification not yet available]

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General peace issues

Books in this section deal with broad (or sometimes just varied) aspects of war and/or peace, and include very general "let's have peace" material, assorted "ideas for peace", and anti-war arguments based on particular political perspectives. (Some of them are much more interesting than this might suggest, but are just hard to classify elsewhere!) Multi-themed anthologies of writings about peace issues can also be found here, as can non-topic-specific books of peace cartoons.

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.



Courageously Crossing Thresholds

29 Examples of International Peace Work

(The Threshold Foundation, Bremen, Germany, 2003)

The stories of the winners and other prize nominees of the foundation's Bremen Peace Award.

pbk £3.00


Freedom From War

Donald Bennett

(Pilot Press, London, 1945)

An assertion that war can and must be prevented in future, by a legendary Second World War pilot, based on his own experience of the horror and futility of war.

hbk £5.00


World Without War

JD Bernal

(Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1961)

Looking at the links between the threat of the use of modern science for warfare and the hope of the use of science for human welfare.

hbk £3.50


Articles of Peace - celebrating fifty years of Peace News

(Eds) Gail Chester and Andrew Rigby

(Prism Press, Bridport, Dorest, 1986)

Taking a contemporaneous look at some of the key issues covered by PN during its first 50 years - relating these issues to the paper's coverage, but not primarily a history of PN.

pbk £7.50


The Quest for Peace

(Eds) Andrew C Cordier and Wilder Foote

(Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 1965)

The Dag Hammarskjold memorial lecture series.

hbk £6.50


The Dynamics of War and Revolution

Lawrence Dennis

(Institute for Historical Review, Torrance, California, USA, 1980)

pbk £3.50


The Peace Book - 108 Simple Ways to Create a More Peaceful World

Louise Diamond

(Conari Press, Berkeley, California, USA, 2001)

pbk £3.00


A Search for Alternatives to War and Violence

(Ed) Ted Dunn

(James Clarke and Co, London, 1963)

A selection of writings, inspired by a major peace movement conference (organised by a consortium of peace organisations) held in Colchester in 1961. Two dozen authors - some of them being leading thinkers in their field - look at different understandings of peace, and at methods ranging from international political institutions to direct action.

pbk £8.00


Disarmament: The Lessons of the Thirties

Malcolm Elliott

(Leicester Peace Council, 1987)

This little pamphlet tackles the traditional arguments still used today to criticise the stance of pacifists in the '30s and during the Second World War - although it isn't written from a specifically pacifist perspective. It points out that the moves towards war in the 1930s were the result of the fialure of disarmament, not because of too much disarmament.

pmphlt £1.50


Men Against War

Nicholas Gillett

(Victor Gollancz, 1965)

Portraits of eight great peacemakers.

hbk £12.00


The Anti-War Quote Book

(Ed) Eric Groves

(Quirk Books, Philadelphia, USA, 2008)

Pages of instant, and inspiring, wit and wisdom.

pbk £8.99


War & the Noble Savage - A Critical Enquiry into Recent Accounts of Violence amongst Uncivilised Peoples


(Dreamflesh Press, London, 2009)

pbk £5.00


Peace: The Plain Man's Guide to War-Prevention

Hugh Hanning

(Cecil Woolf, London, 1988)

Looks at how to overcome the obstacles to a more peaceful world.

hbk £4.00


Peace is Possible

Fredrick S Heffermehl

(International Peace Bureau, 1999)

Special short edition for the 1999 International Peace Conference in The Hague - 30 short, popular essays for peace.

pbk £3.00


The Path to World Peace and The Citizenship Contract

Johan Alexander Helenius

(self-published, 2007)

An amusing - though certainly not intended as such - example of the "I've got this wonderful, not to mention highly-prescribed, set of ideas of what is needed for a happy and peaceful world, and if only everyone else would do exactly as I say..." approach to humanity's problems.

pmphlt £1.50


Plotting Peace: The Owl's Reply to Hawks and Doves

Ronald Higgins

Brassey's UK, 1990)

hbk £6.50


The Causes of Wars

Michael Howard

(Unwin Paperbacks, 1984)

pbk £3.00


Science, Liberty and Peace

Aldous Huxley

(Chatto & Windus, 1947)

Calls for decentralisation of power as a key part of using science and technology for peace and the benefit of society.

hbk £4.00


Experiments with Peace: Celebrating Peace on Johan Galtung's 80th Birthday

(Eds) Jorgen Johansen & John Y Jones

(Pambazuka Press, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010)

This festschrift honours one of the most prolific and respected peace researchers, and includes articles from dozens of writers, touching on almost every conceivable area of peace-related thinking. It's a wonderfully useful collection of writings for anyone wanting to dip into a range of areas of peace research, even apart from being a worthy celebration of the work of Johan Galtung.

pbk £19.95


The Concept of Peace

John MacQuarrie

(SCM Press, 1973)

hbk £5.00


You Have No Country! - Workers' Struggle Against War

Mary E Marcy

(Charles H Kerr Publishing Company, Chicago, USA, 1984)

A collection of articles by a First World War libertarian socialist activist, summarising a revolutionary Marxist view of war.

pbk £2.95


We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America

(Eds) Elizabeth Betita Martinez, Matt Meyer, and Mandy Carter

(PM Press, Oakland, California, USA, 2012)

This inspiring 600-page collection of writings - both classic and more recent - looks at the struggles still needing to happen against the state of affairs in the USA. And because of the influence of that empire on us all, these strugglers are of relevance to us all.

pbk £21.99


The Economic and Moral Consequences of British Rearmament

William H Marwick

(Friends' Peace Committee, London, 1951)

This is the "Peace News Pamphlets" edition of the FPC original.

pmphlt £3.50


Arms No More - Will humanity survive the coming century from global arms race and nuclear terror?

Vijay Mehta

(Arms Reduction Coalition, London, 2004)

A look at global efforts to stop the spread of arms.

pbk £3.00


Reflections on Global Conflicts & Peace Building - The Peace Party Alternative

Chris Okereafor

(Image Expressions Publications, Lagos, Nigeria, and The Peace Party, Guildford, Surrey; 2009)

Includes a sympathetic analysis of the politics of the Peace Party of Britain.

pbk £2.50


War: The Human Cost

(Paper Tiger Comix, London, 2007)

A comc anthology, including a CD.

pbk £11.99


The Knowledgeable State - Diplomacy, War and Technology since 1830

Maurice Pearton

(Burnett Books, 1982)

hbk £6.95


Creating Peaceful People

Derrick A Pike

(Derrick A Pike, Glastonbury, 1989)

Writings by an anarcho-pacifist.
pmphlt £2.95


The Beauty Queen's Guide to World Peace - Money, Power and Mayhem in the Twenty-First Century

Dan Plesch

(Politico's Publishing, 2004)

An expert, and humourous, look at how to get peace in a generation. Though not an analysis which focuses much on the direct action aspects of campaigning

pbk £8.99


Get Your War On

David Rees

(Soft Skull Press, New York, USA, 2002)

A collection anti-war cartoon strips.

pbk £3.00


Militarism and the World Military Order - A Study Guide for Churches

Ernie Regehr

(Commission of the Churches on International Affairs of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland, 1980)

Although intended for a specific audience, most of this book is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting a simple overview of the technicalities of militarism and disarmament, of the economic issues, and of the roots of militarism. Each section includes helpful and relevant questions for discussion.

pbk £4.75


Inventing Collateral Damage - Civilian Casualties, War, and Empire

(Eds) Stephen J Rockel and Rick Halpern

(Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada, 2009)

A collection of varied studies of civilian casualties in the history of warfare.

pbk £18.95


War With No End

Joe Sacco, Arundhati Roy, John Berger, Haifa Zangana, Hanif Kureishi, Phyllis Bennis, Ahdaf Soueif, Tram Nguyen, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Naomi Klein

(Verso, London & New York, in conjunction with the Stop the War Coalition, UK, and United for Peace and Justice, USA, 2007)

An anthology, from reportage to faction to fiction.

pbk £7.99


The Liberal Defence of Murder

Richard Seymour

(Verso, London, 2012)

A powerful critique of "humanitarian intervention" and its supporters; looks at the history of liberal justifications of conquest. An updated version of an earlier 2008 book.

pbk £12.99


Peace on Earth: The Way Ahead

(Ed) Walter Stein

Sheed & Ward, 1966)

pbk £4.00


On the Prevention of War

John Strachey

(Macmillan, 1962)

hbk £6.50


War is a Lie

David Swanson

(Biteback Publishing, London, 2011)

The author deconstructs the main reasons put forward in favour of war. A fine set of arguments, and some great polemic. Though - speaking primarily in a US context - he fails to get fully beyond the idea that the state itself can be democratised so as to make war history. The biggest gap in the book is its lack of connection with the many organisations full of people who already know that wars are obsolete and avoidable; so readers inspired by his ideas are given insufficient realistic idea as to what to do once they're persuaded.

pbk £12.99


The Heavy Dancers

EP Thompson

(Merlin Press, 1985)

pbk £3.50


The Heavy Dancers: Writings on War, Past and Future

EP Thompson

(Pantheon Books, New York, 1985

pbk £3.00


The No-Nonsense Guide to Conflict and Peace

(Ed) Helen Ware

(New Internationalist, 2006)

pbk £6.99


Unintended War - Beyond Deterrence

Arthur Waskow

(American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, USA, 1962)

pmphlt £4.00


Armies and Politics

Jack Woddis

(Lawrence & Wshart, London, 1997)

hbk £1.50


Peace is the Way - A Guide to Pacifist Views and Actions

(Eds) Cyril Wright and Tony Augarde

(Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 1990)

Produced for the Peace Pledge Union, it includes a series of essays on the relationship of pacifism to many other issues, as well as chapters on pacifist actions, pacifist alternatives, pacifist organisations, and so on. A comprehensive introduction.

pbk £6.95

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