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Rock Against Racism and the Anit-Nazi League with David Renton and Ruth Gregory
Wednesday 27th February, 7pm

‘Creeping Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It’ with Neil Faulkner and Seema Syeda
Friday 1st March, 6.30pm

‘Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships’ with Juno Roche
Wednesday 6th March, 7pm

‘Switchboard Lgbt+ Helpline’s 45th Birthday’ with Natasha Walker and other Switchboard members
Friday 8th March, 7pm

‘The Ardent Witness’ with Danielle Maisano
Saturday 9th March, 6.30 pm

‘Bad Girls: The Rebels and Renegades of Holloway Prison’
with Caitlin Davies
Wednesday 20th March, 7pm

An evening of Sex & Politics with Lucy-Anne Holmes and Robert Woodshaw
Wednesday 27th March, 7pm

The Unruly Curiosity of the UK Music Press in the 1960s-80s’
with Mark Sinker and Owen Hatherley

Wednesday 3rd April, 7pm

Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Monday 8th April, 7pm

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Key/recommended texts
New and recent publications
Topic 1: Pacifism and nonviolence
Topic 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc
Topic 3: Peace education
Topic 4: Peace research
Topic 5: Women and peace
Topic 6: Lifestyles and religious
Topic 7: Disarmament, arms race
Topic 8: Nuclear and other WMDs
Topic 9: Arms trade
Topic 10: Specific wars
Topic 11: "Terrorism" [Classification not yet available]
Topic 12: Peace movement history
Topic 13: Miscellaneous topics
Topic 14: General peace issues
Topic 15: Relevant fiction and poetry
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Peace movement history

This category includes: writings about peace and anti-war campaigns (including the "history" of current campaigns); and biographies and autobiographies of significant peace campaigners. Also included here are some other historic books by major figures in the peace movement (particularly from the pacifist wing of the movement), even where they cover other issues beyond their peace-related work.

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.



Twenty Years at Hull-House

Jane Addams

(Signet Clasics, New York, 1961)

A reprint of the 50-year-old classic, with introductory matrial.
hbk £3.00


Jane Addams - A Centennial Reader

(Ed) Emily Cooper Johnson

(Macmillan, New York, 1960)
A collection of the writings of the founder of WILPF.
hbk £6.00


Campaigns Against European Peace Movements

Esko Antola

(IPB / Peace Union of Finland, 1984)
pbk £2.00


To Asia in Peace: The Story of a Non-Violent Action Mission to Indo China

(Ed) Pat Arrowsmith

(Sidgwick & Jackson, 1972)
pbk £2.95


The Women's Peace Union and the Outlawry of War

Harriet Hyman Alonso

(Syracuse University Press, 1997)

pbk £14.50



Joan Baez

(Avon Books, New York, USA, 1970)

The autobiography of her early life.
pbk £1.95


We Will Not Cease - The Autobiography of a Conscientous Objector

Archibald Baxter

(Cape Catley, Whatamongo Bay, New Zealand, 1983)
pbk £2.00


War and Peace in the Gulf - Testimonies of the Gulf Peace Team

(Eds) Bela Bhatia, Jean Dreze, Kathy Kelly

(Spokesman, 2001)

The first-hand story of the experience of nonviolent interposition in a war zone in December 1990 and January 1991. With a foreword by Noam Chomsky.
pbk £1.95


On the Perimeter - Caroline Blackwood at Greenham Common

Caroline Blackwood

(Fontana, London, 1984)

Reportage from a visitor to Greenham in its early stages.

pbk £3.25


My Beloved Man: The Letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears

Aldeburgh Studies in Music

(Boydell Press, 2016)

The complete surviving correspondence between the two pacifist musicians, giving insight into their work and their relationship.

hbk £16.99


One Voice: Pacifist Writings from the Second World War

Vera Brittain

(Continuum, 2005)

This book reprints, for the first time, Vera Brittain's 1942 Humilitation with Honour, and her 1944 denunciation of the Allies' policy of saturation bombing, Seed of Chaos.

pbk £5.00


Studies in Peace History

Peter Brock

(William Sessions Ltd, York, 1991)

A diverse and informative collection of Peter Brock's essays, spanning the 14th to the 20th centuries - mostly looking at aspects of the pacifist, or near-pacifist, end of the movement.
pbk £9.00


Pacifism in the Twentieth Century

Peter Brock and Nigel Young

(Syracuse University Press, USA, 1999)

A key survey of the history of pacifism - a standard work for students of the field.
pbk £9.95


Keeper of the Nuclear Conscience: The Life and Work of Joseph Rotblat

Andrew Brown

(OUP, Oxford, 2012)

Repelled by the idea that science had been harnessed to develop weapons of mass destruction, Joseph Rotblat spent many years promoting social responsibility within science, including by establishing the influential Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

hbk £18.99


To Walk Without Fear - The Global Movement to Ban Landmines

(Eds) Maxwell A Cameron, Robert J Lawson, and Brian W Tomlin

(Oxford University Press, Toronto, Canada, 1998)

A comprehensive account of the movement to ban landmines.

pbk £5.75


Peace Movements: International Protest and World Politics since 1945

April Carter

(Longman, Harlow, Essex, 1992)
This manages to fit in a surprisingly detailed and accurate survey of almost half a century of peace campaigning, with reasonably representative coverage of most parts of the world. The author is much more perceptive about the defining differences between various sorts of peace campaigners than are many other authors.
pbk £15.00


Partners for Peace: Quaker International Service and Peacemaking

Stephen G Cary

(American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, USA, 1993)
The story of US Quakers' international outreach.
pmphlt £4.00


Letters of a Prisoner For Conscience Sake

T Corder Catchpool

(The Friends Book Centre, 1972)

pbk £2.50


On Two Fronts

T Corder Catchpool

(Headley Brothers Publishers, 1971)

A 1971 reprint of the 1918 original.

pbk £4.00


Articles of Peace - celebrating fifty years of Peace News

(Eds) Gail Chester and Andrew Rigby

(Prism Press, Bridport, Dorest, 1986)

Taking a contemporaneous look at some of the key issues covered by PN during its first 50 years - relating these issues to the paper's coverage, but not primarily a history of PN.

pbk £5.00


Anti-Militarism - Political and Gender Dynamics of Peace Movements

Cynthia Cockburn

(Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2012)

Looking at the cohesiveness and coherence of peace movements, the author presents original case studies of anti-war, anti-militarist and peace campaigns, in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Uganda, and the UK.

pbk £19.99


Oppose and Propose! - Lessons from Movement for a New Society

Andrew Cornell

(AK Press, Edinburgh, 2011)

MNS was a radical pacifist network active in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s, and a pioneer of methods of consensus decion-making, communal living, and nonviolent direct action. This book - full of documents, interviews and analysis - recovers a missing link in anti-authoritarian radical history.

pbk £9.00


Labouring for Peace: the Campaign Inside the Labour Party for International Peace

Grace Crookall-Greening and Rosalie Huzzard

(CAM Yorkshire, Penistone, 2011)

Charts the history of the peace movement within the Labour Party since the end of the Second World War.

pbk £5.00


Ireland's Guantanamo Granny

Margaretta D'Arcy

(Women's Pirate Press, Galway, Ireland, 2015)

What's a peace-loving granny to do when she finds that her supposedly neutral state is being used by the US to aid their wars and torture? This is a first-hand account of her struggle to open a debate about the misuse of Shannon Airport

pbk £10.00


A Saving Remnant: The Radical Lives of Barbara Deming and David McReynolds

Martin Duberman

(The New Press, New York, USA, 2011)

A fascinating study of two key figures in the radical life of the USA - both of whom were influential in many fields, including civil rights, nonviolence and gay rights. On some of these issues they worked together, on others they disagreed.

pbk £14.99


The Civilian and the Military: A History of the American Antimilitarist Tradition

Arthur A Ekirch Jr

(Ralph Myles, Colorado Springs, USA, 1972)

pbk £5.00


Disarming the Oceans - International Resistance to the Nuclear Navies

(European Nuclear Disarmament, 1985)

Produced with the support of the Greater London Council, in connection with the campaign by international networks of activists opposing - especially - the presence of nuclear weapons in the world's oceans.

pmphlt £2.00


Thank You Greenham - One woman's memories of direct action

Kate Evans

(Laughing Moon Press, London, 2008)

A memoir of the events seen or taken part in by a "part-time activist" - not only at Greenham, but events elsewhere inspired by Greenham.

pbk £7.00


Naming the Dead - A Serious Crime

Maya Anne Evans with Milan Rai

(JNV Publications, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, 2006)

The personal account of the first person convicted under the notorious SOCPA law, forbidding protest near parliament without advance authorisation - for reading out names of people killed in Iraq.

pbk £6.99


Breaking Ranks

Melissa Everett

(New Society Publishers, Philadelphia, USA, 1989)

The stories of ten US men who left comfortable military-related jobs to work for peace.

pbk £5.00


Love is the Measure

Jim Forest

(Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, USA, 1997)

A biography of Dorothy Day, founder of The Catholic Worker.

pbk £9.99


A Few Small Candles: War Resisters of World War II Tell Their Stories

(Eds) Larry Gara & Lenna Mae Gara

(Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio, USA, 1999)

Ten pacifists - including Dave Dellinger, Ralph DiGia, and Larry Gara himself - tell why they resisted and what happend.

hbk £18.95 (reduced from £25.00)


An Autobiography: The Story of my Experiments with Truth

Mahatma Gandhi

(Penguin Modern Classics, 2001)

Although written in the 1920s, before some of the busiest and best-known periods of his life, this remains a key book for understanding Gandhi's philosophy. Includes a new introductino by Sunil Khilnani.

pbk £10.99


In Pursuit of Alternatives to War - Peace Campaigning in the Eighties: A Chronicle from Wrexham

Owen Hardwicke

(Bridge Books, Wrexham, 2006)

A living, recent history of grassroots campaigning.

pbk £5.95


Refusing to Kill - Conscientious Objectors and Human Rights in the First World War

Oliver Haslam

(Peace Pledge Union, 2006)

The best overview of conscientious objection in Britain in the First World War which is currently in print.
pbk £15.00


The Nobel Peace Prize - What Nobel Really Wanted

Fredrik S Heffermehl

(Praeger, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 2010)

A Norwegian lawyer and peace campaigner reveals the workings of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and shows how so many of their Peace Prize awards have been out of kilter with Nobel's own wishes - in fact nine out of the last ten awards have been illegal.

hbk £19.95


Swimming Against the Tide: The Peace Pledge Union Story 1934-2009

William Hetherington

(Peace Pledge Union, London, 2009)
A short survey of the PPU's first 75 years - leaves you wanting more.
pmphlt £6.50


Protests & Visions: Peace Politics in 20th Century Britain

James Hinton

(Hutchinson Radius, London, 1989)
Some of this historical analysis is perceptive; but this is a controverisal history of the British peace movement - controverisal, for example, in the way that it treats the nuclear disarmemnt movement, once CND had been established, as the core issue, and defines other organisations in terms of their relationshiop with that.
pbk £4.50


CND at 60

Kate Hudson

(Public Reading Rooms, London, 2018)

This book, by CND General Secretary Kate Hudson, is the inside story of six decades of a long-running (and still all-too-necessary) peace organisaton. A timely publication, coinciding with the recent UN call for the global abolition of nuclear weapons.

pbk £12.95


CND: Now More Than Ever - The Story of a Peace Movement

Kate Hudson

(Vision Paperbacks, 2005)

pbk £10.99


Indomitable Friend: The Life of Corder Catchpool 1883-1952

William R Hughes

(George Allen & Unwin, 1956)

The story of a remarkable pacifist and war resister who undertook grassroots work to relieve the suffering caused by war, as well as to oppose war, all over Europe.

hbk £8.50


Resistance and Reconstruction

(Institute for Total Revolution, Vedchhi, India, 1988)

A record of the proceedings of the War Resisters' International Triennial Conference, held in Vedchhi December 1985 - January 1986.
pbk £5.00


Peace Now! - American Society and the Ending of the Vietnam War

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

(Yale University Press, USA, 1999)

The story of reactions to the Vietnam war, the US government's response, and the effect on the conduct of the war itself.
hbk £9.95


Bonhoeffer and King: Their Legacies and Import for Christian Social thought

(Eds) Willis Jenkins and Jennifer M McBride

(Fortress Press, Minneapolis, USA, 2010)

A re-assessment of the activism and theology of two of the 20th century's best-known Christian martyrs - Dietrich Bonheoffer and Martin Luther King.

pbk £16.99


The World is my Country

Emily Johns & Gabriel Carlyle

The often overlooked history of some of the groups who opposed the First World War.
pbk £6.00


Beatrice: The Cadbury Heiress Who Gave Away Her Fortune

Fiona Joseph

(Foxwell Press, Birmingham, 2012)

The story of a journey from respectable Quaker girl to bold anti-capitalist and peace activist.

pbk £12.99


Knowing the Mystery of Life Within - Selected Writings of Isaac Penington in their Historical and Theological Context

Selected and introduced by R Melvin Keiser & Rosemary Moore

(Quaker Books, 2005)

Isaac Penington was one of the founders of the Quakers in the 17th century; the selection includes some of his prison writings.

pbk £13.50 (published at £18.00)


In Harm's Way - A History of Christian Peacemaker Teams

Kathleen Kern

(The Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 2009)

Christian Peacemaker Teams came to prominence in Britain in 2005, following the kidnap of four people in Iraq including the British CPT supporter Norman Kember. But the CPT network had been active for 10 years prior to then, and this detailed history deals with its origins, its actions, and its ideology.

pbk £12.99 (published at £25.00)


Servas 1949-1989: an Experiment in Peace Building

Pat Knowles

(self-published, 1989)

pbk £9.50


Fenner - his work lives on

Neil Kinnock, Michael Foot, & many others

(Liberation / World Disarmament Campaign / CRS London Region Political Committee, 1988)

A collection of the tributes to Fenner Brockway published after the memorial meeting following his death in 1988.

pmphlt £4.00


Conscientious Objectors of the Second World War - Refusing to Fight

Ann Kramer

(Pen & Sword, Barnsley, 2013)

A well-researched look at the subject of Second World War COs in Britain - including some pre-war background - covering what they did and said, and what happend to them. A pity that the indexer has spoiled a good job by the use of not just grating, but misleading, US English.

hbk £19.99


The Road to Greenham Common - Feminism and Anti-Militarism in Britain since 1820

Jill Liddington

(Syracuse University Press, New York, USA, 1991)

This book disentangles the different and often complex feminist analyses of militarism over a 170-year period.

pbk £6.00


Nonviolence in America: A Documentary History

(Ed) Staughton Lynd

(The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, USA, 1966)

A wide-ranging look at well over 200 years of US radicalism.

pbk £4.50


Some of the People all the Time

Alastair Mackie

(Book Guild Publishing, Brighton, Sussex, 2006)

An autobiography by a one-time Air Commodore and H-bomber pilot, turned health educator and nuclear disarmament campaigner (becoming Vice-Chair of CND).

hbk £17.99


Unarmed Bodyguards - International Accompaniment for the Protection of Human Rights

Liam Mahony and Luis Enrique Eguren

(Kumarian Press, 1997)

An inspirational story, focusing especially on the role of Peace Brigades International in Guatemala.

pbk £20.00


Confessions and Impressions

Ethel Mannin

(Jarrolds, London, 1935)

A memoir of the 1920s by this famous radical, libertarian campaigner.

hbk £2.50


Nuclear Peace: The Story of The Trident Three

John Mayer

(Vision, London, 2002)

The story of a successful direct action against Britain's nuclear weapons system, written by the lawyer who defended the activists in court.

hbk £16.99


The Raytheon 9 - Resisting War Crimes is Not a Crime

Eamonn McCann

(The Derry Anti-War Coalition, 2008)

The story of the occupation of the Raytheon arms factory in Northern Ireland, which provides bombs for the Israeli air force.
pmphlt £2.00


The CND Story

(Eds) John Minnion and Philip Bolsover

(Allison & Busby, 1983)

The first 25 years of CND in the words of many of the people involved.

pbk £2.00


In the Lion's Shadow: The Iranian Schindler and his Homeland in the Second World War

Fariborz Mokhtari

(The History Press, Stroud, 2011)

A junior diplomat in France risks all under the German occupation in the Second World War to save as many threatened Jewish families as he can.

hbk £14.99


Siegfried Sassoon - The Making of a War Poet

Jean Moorcroft Wilson

(Duckbacks, London, 2002)

An accalimed biography of the anti-war poet.
pbk £3.50


The Life and Work of Stuart Morris

Sybil Morrison

(Peace Pledge Union, 1969)

A Christian pacifist, and ordained Anglican, Stuart Morris would certainly have become a Bishop if he hadn't renounced his Holy Orders in 1939, having been made to resign from his post as Chaplain of the Fleet Air Arm because of his preaching of pacifist sermons. He served as both Chairperson and General Secretary of the PPU.
pmphlt £10.00


Stop the War

Andrew Murray and Lindsey German

(Bookmarks Publications, London, 2003)

A celebration of the early days of the Stop the War Coalition.
pbk £6.99


Opening Doors to Peace - A memorial to Myrtle Solomon

(Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund & War Resisters' International, 1991)

A memorial to a leading figure in the PPU and the WRI, dealing primarily with her work as chair of WRI from 1975 to 1986.

pbk £2.00


Five Years On: Why we are still marching

Chris Nineham and Andrew Burgin

(Stop the War Coalition, London, 2008)
With preface by Tony Benn.

pmphlt £1.00


The Ponting Affair

Richard Norton-Taylor

(Cecil Woolf, London, 1985)
The story of the acquittal of the civil servant who leaked government documents about the sinking of the Argentinian ship the General Belgrano in the Falklands War.

pbk £2.00


From Protest to Resistance - The Direct Action Movement Against Nuclear Weapons

Peace News - various authors

(Mushroom Bookshop, Nottingham, 1981)
An all-too-brief, but powerful, history of nonviolent activism at the cutting edge of the anti-nuclear weapons movement in the 1950s ansd 1960s - published just as this movement was to see a new upsurge. The fine range of contributors includes Dennis Gould, Pat Arrowsmith, Adrian Mitchell and Nicolas Walter, and includes excerpts from a historic court case, iconic pictures, and a timeline.

pbk £6.50


Walking to Greenham - How the Peace-camp began and the Cold War ended

Ann Pettitt

(Honno, Dinas Powys, 2006)

What the initiators of the Greenham camp went on to do next.

pbk £8.99


They Love it But Leave It - American Deserters

Devi Prasad

(War Resisters' International, London, 1971)

hbk £12.00


War is a Crime Against Humanity

Devi Prasad

(War Resisters' International, London, 2005)

The long-awaited story of the first 50-plus years of the WRI.
pbk £18.00 (currently reduced from £28.00)


The Blake Escape: How we Freed George Blake - and Why

Michael Randle & Pat Pottle

(Harrap Books, London, 1989)

Housmans has recently tracked down some second-hand copies of this out-of-print classic, which tells the story of how and why two imprisoned anti-nuclear direct actionists, who met Soviet spy Goerge Blame while in prison, organised his escape from prison and from the country in 1966. Many years later they faced criminal charges for this, and - though admitting the facts - justified their action and persuaded a jury to acquit them.
hbk £7.50 (originally £12.95)


Private View of a Public Man: The Life of Leyton Richards

Edith Ryley Richards

(George Allen and Unwin, 1951)

A major figure in Christian pacifism in the first half of the Twentieth Century, active in several countries.
hbk £10.00


The Abolition of War: The "Peace Movement" in Britain, 1914-1919

Keith Robbins

(University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1976)

An interesting historical study of how arguments within and between the very mixed peace organisations pre-dating the First World War led to the founding of new, more fully pacifist, movements.
hbk £7.50


Peace Under Fire - Israel/Palestine and the International Solidarity Movement

(Eds) Josie Sandercock, Radhika Sainath, Marissa McLaughlin, Huseein Khalili, Nicholas Blincoe, Huwaida Arraf and Ghassan Andoni

(Verso, 2004)

Accounts of the ISM's support for Palestinian non-violent resistance to Israeli military occupation.
pbk £5.00


The Frontier Gandhi: Abdul Ghaffar Khan - Muslim champion of nonviolence

Shireen Shah

(Movement for the Abolition of War, London, with the International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008)
Abdul Ghaffar Khan (who lived from 1890 to 1988) was nicknamed "the Frontier Gandhi" because he spent much of his life working for social transformation through nonviolent means - justifying it in terms of his Islamic beliefs - with a nonviolent "army" challenging British rule in the North-West Frontier region of British India (now Pakistan).
pmphlt £3.00


No Bunkers Here - A Successful Nonviolent Action in a Welsh Community

Tony Simpson

(Mid Glamorgan CND, Merthyr Tydfil /Peace News, Nottingham, 1982)

The achievements, hardships and paradoxes of the first Welsh peace camp - and the first successful action to close down a "civil defence" establishment.
pmphlt £10.00


The March that Shook Blair: An oral history of 15 February 2003

Ian Sinclair

(Peace News, London, 2013)

A book telling the story of an unforgettable occasion in political history - warts and all.
pbk £10.00


Voices Against War: A Century of Protest

Lyn Smith

(Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh, 2010)

Based on nearly 200 personal testimonies from the Imperial War Museum's collections, this book tells the stories of people involved in anti-war protests from the First World War to the present day.
pbk £7.99


On Active Service for Peace - Ex-Services CND

(Ed) Rita Stanleigh, with Michael Floyd and Morris Brodie

(Ex-Services CND, London, 1995)

How people with military experience came to identify with nuclear disarmament.
pbk £2.25


Peace Work in Northern Ireland

(United World Trust, London, 1990)
One of the first concerns of the National Peace Council's working group on Northern Ireland, after it was set up in the late 1980s, was the need for more positive information about the situation. The United World Trust - associated charity of the NPC - funded a researcher, Lisa Harper, to produce a report of key groups doing positive work in the province, including groups from the spheres of education and religion.

pmphlt £2.00


Message of a Wise Kabouter

Roel Van Duyn

(Duckworth, 1972)

pbk £3.50


Carnets de Prison

Jean Van Lierde

(Vie Ouvriere, Brussels, Belgium, 1994)
Prison writings of a key figures in the war resistance movement in Belgium as well as internatonally. In French. Jean Van Lierde died in December 2006.
pbk £5.00


George Clemenceau

David Robin Watson

(Haus Publishing, London, 2008)

Part of the Makers of the Modern World series, dealing with people involved in the peace conferences of 1919-1923, this biography of the French leader gives a different view from the common one that he imposed too harsh a treaty on the defeated Germans after the First World War.
hbk £12.99


About Face - Military Resisters Turn Against Wars

(Eds) Buff Whitman-Bradley, Sarah Lazare, Cynthia Whitman-Bradley

(PM Press, Oakland, California, 2011)

Looks at the way US military volunteers question what they see as illegal orders, and become refusers.
pbk £14.99


Spectator Papers

Norman Whitney (Ed, Adele Rickett)

(American Friends Service Committee, 1971)

Writings by a US pacifist, 1943-1967.
pbk £5.00


Siegfried Sassoon - The Making of a War Poet: A Biography, 1886-1918

Jean Moorcroft Wilson

(Duckworth, London, 2004)

A thorough biography of the anti-war poet.
pbk £3.25


In Solitary Witness - The Life and Death of Franz Jagerstatter

Gordon Zahn

(Templegate Publishers, Springfield, USA, 1986)

The Christian who resisted conscription into Hitler's forces, and was executed.

pbk £10.99


Trident on Trial: The case for people's disarmament

Angie Zelter

(Luath Press, Edinburgh, 2001)

The story of the early years of Trident Ploughshares, told by those involved.

pbk £9.99


Faslane 365 - A Year of Anti-Nuclear Blockades

(Ed) Angie Zeiter

(Luath Press, Edinburgh, 2008)

An account of a year's actions at the home base of Britain's nuclear-armed submarines.

pbk £12.99


Snowball: The Story of a Non-violent Civil-Disobedience Campaign in Britain

(Eds) Angie Zelter and Arya BhushanBhardwaj

(Gandhi-in-Action, New Delhi, India, 1991)

The story of the long-running and imaginative Snowball campaign against Britain's nuclear weapons.

pbk £10.50

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