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London Anarchist Federation present: ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anarchism...’
Saturday 20th October, 7pm 

‘The Leaderless Revolution’ with Carne Ross in discussion with Wail Qasim
Sunday 21st October, 7pm

‘David Bowie, Pop Music and the Decade Sci-Fi Exploded’  with Jason Heller
Wednesday 24th October, 7pm 

60 Years of Raya Dunayevskaya’s ‘Marxism and Freedom’: 
On Class, Race and Automation

Wednesday 7th November, 7pm

An Outbreak of Peace: Stories and Poems in response to the centenary of the ending of WWI
Wednesday 14th November, 7pm

'Corbyn: The Resurrection' with Steve Bell
Wednesday 21st November, 7pm

'Marx Returns' a book launch and discussion with Jason Barker, Alberto Toscano and Matthew Beaumont
Wednesday 5th December, 7pm 

'A Radical History of the World' with Neil Faulkner
Wednesday 12th December, 7pm

The Left Case Against the EU with Costas Lapavitsas 
Saturday 8th December, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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Key/recommended texts
New and recent publications
Topic 1: Pacifism and nonviolence
Topic 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc
Topic 3: Peace education
Topic 4: Peace research
Topic 5: Women and peace
Topic 6: Lifestyles and religious
Topic 7: Disarmament, arms race
Topic 8: Nuclear and other WMDs
Topic 9: Arms trade
Topic 10: Specific wars
Topic 11: "Terrorism" [Classification not yet available]
Topic 12: Peace movement history
Topic 13: Miscellaneous topics
Topic 14: General peace issues
Topic 15: Relevant fiction and poetry
Topic 16: Journals [Classification not yet available]
Topic 17: Reference [Classification not yet available]

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Terrorism, Theirs and Ours

Eqbal Ahmad

(Seven Stories Press, NY, USA, 2001)

The author - an activist scholar who had died by the time this was published - had his thinking shaped by the communal and political violence he experienced as a youngster in 1940s India. A secularist, he has argued for both a just struggle and a just reconciliation.

pbk £2.00


Weapon of the Strong: Conversations on US State Terrorism

Cihan Aksan and Jon Bailes

(Pluto Press, London, 2013)

A wide range of compelling topics expertly explored by leading academics, including Noam Chomsky.

pbk £14.99


The No-Nonsense Guide to Terrorism

Jonathan Barker

(New Internationalist, Oxford, 2003)

A useful run-through of "terrorism" through the ages.

pbk £3.99


The Culture of Terrorism

Noam Chomsky

(Pluto Press, London, 1989)

An analysis of the state terrorism of secret US operations around the world. A scathing critique.
pbk £5.50


Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing and the Families' Pursuit of Justice

Ruth Dudley Edwards

(Vintage Books, London, 2010)

This book puts everything and everyone associated with the August 1998 Omagh Bombing on the record and in context, telling the story of how the relatives of those killed held their killers to account.
pbk £8.99


Nonviolent Responses to Terrorism

Tom H Hastings

(McFarland, Jefferson, North Carolina, USA, 2004)

An outline of some of the best thinking about nonviolent repsonses to terrorism, dealing with both immediate responses (such as mediations, citizen initiatives, international law, etc) and long-term resposnes (including stopping the flow of arms, building sustainability and justice, conflict education, and use of the media).

pbk £36.50


Terrorism and America - A Commonsense Strategy for a Democratic Society

Philip B Heymann

(MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 2000)

A useful and well-informed overview - useful (amongst other reasons) in the sense that the author argues against overreaction), but nevertheless a book rooted in acceptance of many mainstream political assumptions.

pbk £4.00


War Without End - The Rise of Islamist Terrorism and Global Response

Dilip Hiro

(Routledge, London, 2002)

This book provides the historical and political context of the dramatic events at the turn of the century, including looking at Islam as a socio-political ideology.
pbk £4.75


Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.

ORGANISATIONS you can contact which are concerned with some
of the issues here include:

Peace Pledge Union (PPU), 1 Peace Passage, Brecknock Rd, London N7 0BT, Britain (tel +44-20-7424 9444; fax 7482 6390; e-mail; web
Fellowship of Reconciliation - England (FoRE), Peace House, 19 Paradise St, Oxford OX1, Britain (tel +44-1865-250781; e-mail; web
War Resisters' International (WRI), 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, Britain (tel +44-20-7278 4040; fax 7278 0444; e-mail; web

For further useful contacts
see the Directory published in the latest Housmans Peace Diary, or online at