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‘Building Better Societies:
Promoting social justice in a world falling apart’
with Rowland Atkinson, Lisa Mckenzie and Simon Winlow
Wednesday 22nd November, 7pm

‘The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation’ with Ian Cobain in conversation with Wail Qasim 
Monday 27th November, 7pm

‘How the Establishment Lost Control’ with Chris Nineham
Wednesday 29th November, 7pm

‘You Should Come with Me Now: Stories of Ghosts’ M. John Harrison in conversation with Lara Pawson
Thursday 30th November, 7pm

‘The Hippy Trail: A History’ with Sharif Gemie
Wednesday 6th December, 7pm

‘The Mainstreaming Of The Far-Right’ with Julia Ebner and Paul Stocker
Thursday 7th December, 7pm

‘The Digital Critic:
Literary Culture Online’
with Houman Barekat, Joanna Walsh and Robert Barry
Wednesday 10th January, 7pm

‘The New Poverty’
with Stephen Armstrong
Wednesday 17th January, 7pm

‘Tear Gas:
From the Battlefields of WWI to the Streets of Today’
with Anna Feigenbaum
Wednesday 31st January, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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This list is of publications - mostly, but not exclusively, from our Religion and Peace list - which are particularly recommended by our friends at the Fellowship of Reconciliation - England (FoRE), the Christian pacifist organisation. For more details of all our peace-related booklists, which include hundreds of other titles as well, check here.

All the titles shown here are available for purchase from Housmans in person or by mail order.


From Violence to Wholeness - A Ten-Part Process in the Spirituality and Practice of Active Nonviolence

Ken Butigan

(Pace e Bene Press, USA, 2002)

Although much of the material is religiously based, this includes readings and exercises of general use in nonviolence training.

pbk £14.00


Active Nonviolence Across the World

Richard Deats

(Fellowship of Reconciliation, Oxford, 2010)

Highlights of four decades of the history of nonviolent struggle.

pmphlt £3.50


Peace, War and the Christian Conscience

Joseph J Fahey

(Pax Christi, London, 2003)

An outline history of Christian attitudes to war.

pmphlt £2.50


The Biblical Basis of Pacifism

John Ferguson

(Fellowship of Reconciliation, London, 1993)

pmphlt £1.00


The Politics of Love: The New Testament and Non-Violent Revolution

John Ferguson

(James Clarke, Cambridge, 1982)

pbk £2.95


From Pacification to Peacebuilding - A Call to Global Transformation

Diana Francis

(Pluto Press, London, 2010)

Drawing on the traditions of nonviolence and pacifism, and interpreting them in the light of new situations and experience, the author shows why we must break with the sterile ineffectuality of top-down approaches.

pbk £17.99


Rethinking War and Peace

Diana Francis

(Cambridge University Press, 1945)

An eloquent head-on challenge to the belief that war as an institution is either necessary or effective, the book explores alternative ways of confronting aggression and injustice.

pbk £11.99


Nonviolence - The History of a Dangerous Idea

Mark Kurlansky

(Vintage Books, London, 2007)

Interesting, and at least a history, though revolving mostly around just religious angles. Maybe the best thing about it is the way that it's been quite well received and reviewed by people outside the nonviolence movement - perhaps precisely because of its shortcomings.

pbk £7.99


The Gospel of Peace -The Biblical Basis of Pacifism

John Lampen

(Fellowship of Reconciliation, London, 1995)

pmphlt £1.75


Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living

Laura Slattery et al

(Pace e Bene Press, California, USA, 2005)

Part of a study and action series, offering a wide variety of principles, stories, exercises, and readings - for learning, practising, and experimenting with the power of creative nonvioence.

pbk £14.00


Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

(War Resisters' International, London, 2010)

Already translated into half a dozen other languages.

pbk £5.00


Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way

Walrter Wink

(Fortress Press, Minneapolis, USA, 2003)

An excellent summary of Wink's larger volumes on this theme - concise and readable.

pbk £4.99

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