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Rock Against Racism and the Anit-Nazi League with David Renton, Ruth Gregory and Apsana Begum
Wednesday 27th February, 7pm

‘Creeping Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It’ with Neil Faulkner and Seema Syeda
Friday 1st March, 6.30pm

‘Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships’ with Juno Roche
Wednesday 6th March, 7pm

‘Switchboard Lgbt+ Helpline’s 45th Birthday’ with Natasha Walker and other Switchboard members
Friday 8th March, 7pm

‘The Ardent Witness’ with Danielle Maisano
Saturday 9th March, 6.30 pm

‘Bad Girls: The Rebels and Renegades of Holloway Prison’
with Caitlin Davies
Wednesday 20th March, 7pm

An evening of Sex & Politics with Lucy-Anne Holmes and Robert Woodshaw
Wednesday 27th March, 7pm

The Unruly Curiosity of the UK Music Press in the 1960s-80s’
with Mark Sinker and Owen Hatherley

Wednesday 3rd April, 7pm

Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Monday 8th April, 7pm

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Topic 5: Women and peace
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Women and peace

This is material which: is about women and peace and/or women and war; deals with relevant feminist theory; or discusses the gender aspects of war and militarism.

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.


What Kind of Liberation? - Women and the occupation of Iraq

Nadje Al-Ali & Nicola Pratt

(University of California Press, USA, 2009)

Speaks through an array of Iraqi voices; includes a foreword by Cynthia Enloe.

hbk £17.95


The Women's Peace Union and the Outlawry of War

Harriet Hyman Alonso

(Syracuse University Press, 1997)

pbk £14.50


The Impact of Guns on Women's Lives

(Amnesty International / IANSA / Oxfam International, 2005)

pbk £7.50


Telling Tales About Men: Conceptions of Conscientious Objectors to Military Service During the First World War

Lois S Bibbings

(Manchester University Press, 2011)

A brilliant exposure of the contradictions of manliness in wartime.

pbk £15.99


On the Perimeter - Caroline Blackwood at Greenham Common

Caroline Blackwood

(Fontana, London, 1984)

Reportage from a visitor to Greenham in its early stages.

pbk £3.25


Testament of Youth

Vera Brittain

(Virago, London, 2007)

One of the most famous autobiographies of the First World War, by the woman who was one of the 20th Century's most significant pacifist writers.

pbk £12.99


Anti-Militarism - Political and Gender Dynamics of Peace Movements

Cynthia Cockburn

(Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2012)

Looking at the cohesiveness and coherence of peace movements, the author presents original case studies of anti-war, anti-militarist and peace campaigns, in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Uganda, and the UK.

pbk £19.99


From Where We Stand - War, Women's Activism and Feminist Analysis

Cynthia Cockburn

(Zed Books, London, 2007)

This study examines women's activism against war in areas as far apart as Sierra Leone, India, Colombia and Palestine. She discusses how nationalism, masculinity, racism and misogyny fuel militarism, and shows how gender is inseparably linked to the perpetuation of war.

pbk £18.99


The Line: Women, Partition and the Gender Order in Cyprus

Cynthia Cockburn

(Zed Books, London, 2004)

Based on research amongst Cypriot women, this study documents the life of a remarkable women's project. Women take protest into the streets, calling for peace and the inclusion of women into a new Cypriot society.

pbk £18.99


The Space Between Us - Negotiating Gender and National Identities in Conflict

Cynthia Cockburn

(Zed Books, London, 2003)

A highly original study, looking at the processes sustaining conflict in Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Deals with collective identities, gender, and nationalist thought and practice.

pbk £13.99


Pulling the Punches - Defeating Domestic Violence

Luke Daniels

(Bogle-L'Ouverture Press, London, 2009)

Adressed specifically to perpetrators of domestic violence - but survivors reading it will find much that gives them power, and helps with their safety.

pbk £10.95


Pacific Women Speak Out - for independence and denuclearisation

Zohl de Ishtar

(Pacific Connections, Annadnale, Australia, 1998)

A collection of stories of resistance against incredible odds, stories of survival.

pbk £4.50


Women Conscientious Objectors - An Anthology

(Eds) Ellen Elster and Majken Jul Sorensen

(War Resisters' International, London, 2010)

Gets to the heart of a feminist engagement with issues of militarism, dealing with case histories ranging in time and place from World War II Britain to present-day Columbia.

pbk £8.00


Globalization & Militarism: Feminists Make the Link

Cynthia Enloe

(Rowman & Littlefield, Plymouth, 2007)

Deals with the patriarchal norm which underpins masculine military solutions, and reminds readers of varied and creative acts of resistance.

pbk £19.95


Maneuvers - The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Live

Cynthia Enloe

(University of California Press, 2000)

Looks incisively at how militarisation affects far more than the obvious people, dealing with many different women's stories and experiences.

pbk £19.95


Piecing it Together: Feminism & Nonviolence

(Feminism and Nonviolence Study Group, Buckleigh, Devon, 1983)

Still a classic.

pbk £4.50


Militarism versus Feminism - Writings on Women and War

Mary Sargant Florence, Catherine Marshall, CK Ogden

(Virago Press, London, 1987)

This collection of writings was first published in 1915, just eight months into the First World War. This edition puts the texts in their historical context, but they anyway still have relevance and resonance.

pbk £2.90


The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism as a Map

Ursula M Franklin

(Between The Lines, Toronto, Canada, 2006)

Brings together papers, talks and articles, from the career of a pacifist, environmentalist, feminist activist.

pbk £14.95


Keeping the Peace: Women's Peace Handbook

Lynne Jones

(The Women's Press, 1983)

pbk £4.00


There We'll Meet Again - The First World War diary of a young German girl

Piete Kuhr

(Walter Wright, 1998)

pbk £5.25


The Road to Greenham Common - Feminism and Anti-Militarism in Britain since 1820

Jill Liddington

(Syracuse University Press, New York, USA, 1991)

This book disentangles the different and often complex feminist analyses of militarism over a 170-year period.

pbk £6.00


Women and Peace - a resource pack for teachers and students

(Ed) Margaret Melicharova

(Peace Pledge Union)

looseleaf £5.50


Sonja Schlesin - Gandhi's South African Secretary

George Paxton

(Pax Books, 2006)

pbk £7.50


Walking to Greenham - How the Peace-camp began and the Cold War ended

Ann Pettitt

(Honno, Dinas Powys, 2006)

What the initiators of the Greenham camp went on to do next.

pbk £8.99


Women in the War Zone: Hospital Service in the First World War

Anne Powell

(The History Press, Stroud, 2013)

Based on extracts from first-hand accounts, the book covers the experiences of British female medical personnel all over Europe during the First World War.

pbk £12.99


Maternal Thinking: Towards a Politics of Peace

Sara Ruddick

(The Women's Press, London, 1989)

With philosophical rigour, compassion, and political astuteness, Sara Ruddick shows how the everyday process of mothering provides the basis for resistance to mililtarism.

pbk £6.50


The Tamarisk Tree - Vol 3: Challenge to the cold War

Dora Russell

(Virago Press, London, 1985)

pbk £4.50


War's Forgotten Women: British Widows of the Second World War

Maureen Shaw & Helen D Millgate

(The History Press, Stroud, 2011)

An insight into the realities of post-war Britain, through diaries, letters, and personal interviews.

pbk £9.99


Opening Doors to Peace - A memorial to Myrtle Solomon

(Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund & War Resisters' International, 1991)

A memorial to a leading figure in the PPU and the WRI, dealing primarily with her work as chair of WRI from 1975 to 1986.

pbk £2.00


Over Our Dead Bodies - Women Against the Bomb

(Ed) Dorothy Thompson

(Virago, 1983)

pbk £4.00


Women for Peace

(Women in Black, Belgrade, Serbia, 1994)

pbk £3.50


City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance

Haifa Zangana

(Seven Stories Press, New York, USA, 2009)

pbk £8.99

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