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The Unruly Curiosity of the UK Music Press in the 1960s-80s’
with Mark Sinker and Owen Hatherley

Wednesday 3rd April, 7pm

Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Monday 8th April, 7pm

'Chav Solidairty' with D Hunter
Wednesday 10th April, 7pm

'Women's Struggle in the Workplace' with Sally Groves and Louise Raw
Wednesday 17th April, 7pm

Anthony Howell launches 'Consciousness (with Mutilation)'
Wednesday 24th April, 7pm

'Anarchism and Education' with Judith Suissa

Thursday 25th April, 7pm

'A Girl's Guide to Personal Hygiene: Workshop and Conversation'
withTallulah Pomeroy

Wednesday 8th May, 7pm

'4 Brown Girls Who Write'
with Roshni Goyate, Sharan Hunjan, Sunnah Khan, and Sheena Patel

Tuesday 14th May, 7pm

'This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism'
with author Ashton Applewhite

Monday 20th May, 7pm

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Key/recommended texts
New and recent publications
Topic 1: Pacifism and nonviolence
Topic 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc
Topic 3: Peace education
Topic 4: Peace research
Topic 5: Women and peace
Topic 6: Lifestyles and religious
Topic 7: Disarmament, arms race
Topic 8: Nuclear and other WMDs
Topic 9: Arms trade
Topic 10: Specific wars
Topic 11: "Terrorism" [Classification not yet available]
Topic 12: Peace movement history
Topic 13: Miscellaneous topics
Topic 14: General peace issues
Topic 15: Relevant fiction and poetry
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Peace education

This covers: writings about peace education at all stages of school and college; other material for children; some other academic research; and co-operative games. Material about the effects of war on children, and the militarisation of young people, is also included here, as is writing about bullying.

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.



Peace is in Our Hands

Grace C Abrams & Fran C Schmidt

(Jane Addams Peace Association, Philadelphia, USA, 1974)

A resource for adults working with children of junior school age.

pbk £3.50


In the Firing Line - War and Children's Rights

(Amnesty International, 1999)

pbk £9.99


Watermelons Not War! - A Support Book For Parenting in the Nuclear Age

Kate Cloud, Ellie Deegan, Alice Evans, Hayat Imam and Barbara Signer, of the Nuclear Education Project

(New Society Publishers, Philadelphia, USA, 1984)

What does it mean to be a parent committed to your child's welfare in the nuclear age? Five mothers look at dealing with despair, nuclear realities, and taking action.

pbk £6.50


Sowing Seeds: The Militarisation of Youth and How to Counteract it

(Ed) Owen Everett

(War Resisters' International, London, 2013)

Around the world, children and young adults encounter the military and military values in a variety of ways. Through articles, images, surveys and interviews, this collection documents how the seeds of war are planted in young minds in various countries, and also explores the seeds of resistance.

pbk £5.00


Time for Peace

Janet Ganguli

(Small World Publications, 2004)

pbk £6.00


Free The Children! - Conflict Education for Strong & Peaceful Minds

Susan Gingras Fitzell

(New Society Publishers, British Columbia, Canada, 1997)

pbk £10.50


Children Don't Start Wars

David Gribble

(Peace News, London, 2010)

The author, having spent a lifetime in teaching, sets out how children are taught to suppress their natural altruism, and don't need to beeducated to be "good".

pbk £9.00


Education for Peace

(Eds) Robert A Hinde and Donald A Parry

(Spokesman Books, Nottingham, 1989)

This selection of papers, based on the Cambridge University Disarmament Seminar, looks at the use of education to avoid disputes, as well as to solve them.

pbk £6.00


A Manual on Nonviolence and Children

(Ed) Stephanie Judson

(Friends Peace Committee, Philadelphia, USA, 1977)

pbk £6.50


Children and War

(Eds) Marianne Kahnert, David Pitt & Ilkka Taipale

(GIPRI / IPB / Peace Union of Finland, 1983)

Proceedings of the symposium at Siuntio Baths, Finland, in March 1983.

pbk £5.00


Let's Co-operate - Activities and ideas for parents and teachers of young children for peaceful conflict solving

Mildred Masheder

(Green Print, Rendlesham, Suffolk, 1997)

This reprint of the classic PPU publication on co-operative games includes over 200 ideas for youngsters between 3 and 12.

pbk £7.99


Let's Play Together - Co-operative Games for All Ages

Mildred Masheder

(Green Print, London, 1989)

Over 300 games that put co-operation before competition - traditional party games, circle games, musical and guessing games, and more.

pbk £8.99


Freedom from Bullying

Mildred Masheder

(Green Print, Rendlesham, Suffolk, 1998)

A practical book to help teachers and parents to work with their children to prevent bullying, and to deal with it when it occurs.

pbk £3.90


Starting Out Right: Nurturing Young Children as Peacemakers

Kathleen McGinnis and Barbara Oehlberg

(Institute for Peace and Justice / Meyer-Stone Books, USA, 1988)

pbk £7.99


Working Together - a handbook for co-operation

Margaret Melicharova

(Peace Pledge Union, 1998)

An imaginative and practical introduction to co-operative skills, for anyone working with young people. Highly readable and very accessible.

pbk £4.50 (published at £10.50)


Women and Peace - a resource pack for teachers and students

(Ed) Margaret Melicharova
(Peace Pledge Union)

looseleaf £5.50


Parachute Games - Activities for a Peaceful World

(Peace Pledge Union, London, 2001)

Parachute games are co-operative games suitable for all ages and abilities.

pmphlt £4.99


Peace Education or Education for Peace

Devi Prasad

(Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, 1984)

The book's thesis is that peace education entails looking not just at what is taught, but by taking an "aesthetic" approach to education. He also looks at the work in this field of a range of peace and disarmament organisations of different types in different places.

hbk £12.00


The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet: A Handbook on Creative Approaches to Living and Problem Solving for Children

Priscilla Prutzman, Lee Stern, M Leonard Burger and Gretchen Bodenhamer

(New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, 1988)

pbk £11.99


Look Back, Stride Forward

Miriam Saphira & Lyndy McIntyre

(Papers Inc, 1989)

pbk £3.00


Study War No More
Military involvement in UK universities

Tim Street with Martha Beale

(Fellowship of Reconciliation and Campaign Against Arms Trade, 2007)

pbk £3.00


Bullying in Schools

(Eds) Delwyn P Tattum and David A Lane

(Trentham Books, Stoke-on-Trent, 1992)

The contribtors challenge sterotypes of bullies and victims, and offer practical strategies for educational institutions.

pbk £4.25


Violence - its nature, causes and remedies

Colin Ward

(Penguin Education, 1970)

pbk £5.00


Making for Peace

Anthony Weaver

(Brentham Press, 1988)

pbk £5.00


Children & Violence

Gulbenkian Foundation Commission on Children and Violence

(Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, London, 1995)

pbk £5.00


A Global Peace Study Guide

GK Wilson

(Housmans / Bradford University School of Peace Studies, 1982)

pbk £2.75


Studying Peace: Problems & Possibilities

Nigel Young

(Housmans, 1986)

The definition and focus of peace education was contantly questioned in arguments about its introduction: this is the issue which is tackled in this pamphlet.

pmphlt £1.00

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Peace Education Network, c/o Pax Christi, St Joseph's, Watford Way, London NW4 4TY, Britain (tel +44-20-8203 4884; e-mail; web

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