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Rock Against Racism and the Anit-Nazi League with David Renton and Ruth Gregory
Wednesday 27th February, 7pm

‘Creeping Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It’ with Neil Faulkner and Seema Syeda
Friday 1st March, 6.30pm

‘Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships’ with Juno Roche
Wednesday 6th March, 7pm

‘Switchboard Lgbt+ Helpline’s 45th Birthday’ with Natasha Walker and other Switchboard members
Friday 8th March, 7pm

‘The Ardent Witness’ with Danielle Maisano
Saturday 9th March, 6.30 pm

‘Bad Girls: The Rebels and Renegades of Holloway Prison’
with Caitlin Davies
Wednesday 20th March, 7pm

An evening of Sex & Politics with Lucy-Anne Holmes and Robert Woodshaw
Wednesday 27th March, 7pm

The Unruly Curiosity of the UK Music Press in the 1960s-80s’
with Mark Sinker and Owen Hatherley

Wednesday 3rd April, 7pm

Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Monday 8th April, 7pm

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Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc

These are writings by or about major figures in the history of nonviolence, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Tolstoy; there is also material relating to their movements and their followers. (These books are separated according to which person they relate to, before being put into alphabetical order by author.)

Please remember that many of the older titles included in this list are likely to be second-hand.




Mahatma Gandhi

Douglas Allen

(Reaktion Books, London, 2011)

The book examines Gandhi's life and work, and also looks at how Gandhi's practices can be made relevant to our current times. A book of interest to activists as well as to theorists.

pbk £10.95


A Guide to the Study of Gandhi

an Annotated Bibilography

Rex Ambler

(Housmans /Gandhi Foundation, 1986)

pmphlt £1.00


Rediscovering Gandhi

Yogesh Chadha

(Century Books, London, 1997)

A biography of Gandhi as a crusader, but especially from the perspective of his living out of his "spiritual" principles. It also deals in some detail with the events surrounding his assassination.

hbk £9.99


Democracy on Dialysis

What Next?

Dr Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj

(Lok Swaraj ManchPublications,
Swaraj Nagar, India, 2003)

pbk £3.50


Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope

Judith M Brown

(Yale University Press, 1998)

The definitive biography.

pbk £15.95


Mahatma Gandhi - the Essential Writings

(Ed) Judith M Brown

(Oxford World's Classics, 2008)

This selection of Gandhi's writings, with commentaries by the noted Gandhi scholar Judith M Brown, must be a standard work for those wanting access to a wide and intelligent selection of Gandhi's writings in one volume.

pbk £10.99


Mahatma Gandhi - Nonviolent Power in Action

Dennis Dalton

(Columbia University Press, New York, 2000)

An intellectually satisfying analysis of the Gandhian concepts of satyagraha and swaraj, the book also deals with the trenchant criticisms of Gandhi's methods by his contemporaries.

pbk £14.50


Gandhi - his life, his struggles, his words

Elisabeth de Lambilly (illustrated by Severine Cordier)

(Enchanted Lion Books, New York, USA, 2010)

An illustrated sotry of the life of Gandhi.

hbk £13.99


The Story of Bardoli

Mahadev Desai

(Navajivan Pubishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 1957)

A history of the Bardoli Satyagraha of 1928 and its sequel - originally published in 1929.

pbk £2.00


Gandhi's Prisoner? - The Life of Gandhi's Son Manilal

Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie

(Kwela Books, Cape Town, South Africa, 2004)

hbk £20.00


What Gandhi Says - About Violence, Resistance and Courage

Norman G Finkelsteini

(OR Books, London, 2012)

The author gets behind Gandhi the inspiration, and looks at what he actually wrote about nonviolence and resistance - and at the resonance of Gandhi's ideas during recent struggles.

pbk £6.00


An Autobiography: The Story of my Experiments with Truth

Mahatma Gandhi

(Penguin Modern Classics, 2001)

Although written in the 1920s, before some of the busiest and best-known periods of his life, this remains a key book for understanding Gandhi's philosophy. Includes a new introductino by Sunil Khilnani.

pbk £10.99


From Yeravda Mandir

MK Gandhi

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 2008)

Gandhi's weekly letters to the Satyagraha Ashram written during his imprisonment in Yeravda Central Prison in 1930. As translated by Valji Govindji Desai from the original Gujarati, with the English corrected by Gandhi himself when he had the time during his incarceration in the same prison in 1932. A reprint of the original 1932 publication.

pmphlt £4.00


Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

MK Gandhi

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 2008)

A recent reprint of a famous 1939 publication.

pmphlt £4.50


Sarvodaya - its principles and programme

MK Gandhi

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 2007)

A reprint of the 1951 pamphlet.

pmphlt £3.50


Selected Political Writings

Mahatma Gandhi (Edited, with Introduction, by Dennis Dalton)

(Hackett Publishing, Indianapolis, USA, 1996)

The first collection of Gandhi's writings to be based on the complete edition of his works, this volume presents Gandhi's most important political writings arranged around two central themes of his politics - satyagraha (the power of nonviolence) and swaraj (freedom).

pbk £9.95


The Story of My Life

Mahatma Gandhi (abridged and simplified by Bharatan Kumarappa)

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 1955)

A version of Gandhi's story prepared for use in (Indian) schools.

pbk £4.00


Soul Force: Gandhi's Writings on Peace

(Ed) V Geetha

(Tara Publishing, Chennai, India, 2004)

The collection, with plentiful explanatory notes by the editor, spans the whole of Gandhi's political life.

pbk £8.99


An Atheist with Gandhi

Gora [G Ramachandra Rao]

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 2003)

A reprint of the 1951 original, in which India's most celebrated atheist campaigner of modern times recounts his conversations with Gandhi; their exchanges are mutually very sympathetic.

pmphlt £4.50


Which Way Lies Hope? - An Examination of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism and Gandhiji's Programme

Richard B Gregg

(Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India, 1952)

One of this author's lesser-known works.

pbk £8.00


Gandhi's Johannesburg - Birthplace of Satyagraha

Eric Itzkin

(Witwatersrand University Press, 2000)

hbk £16.99


I Could Not Save Mahatma Gandhi - Untold Stories from a Witness's Diary

Jagdishchandra Jain

(Frontpage Publications, London, 2010)

A story of government complacency in the face of a one citizen's attempt to thwart a conspiracy.

pbk £11.95


Experiments in Moral Sovereignty - Notes of an American Exile

Jeff Knaebel

(Friends of the Gandhi Museum, Pune, India, 2006)

These are the writings of a US man who settled in India as a Gandhian, in despair at his original country's military policies. The book was prepared in order to be distributed at the World social Forum in India in 2006, and to mark 100 years of Gandhian satyagraha.

pbk £5.00


Mahatma Gandhi: Apostle of Non-Violence

Coonoor Kripalani

(Rupa, New Delhi, India, 2003)

A biography by a student of the nationalist struggles in India and China.

hbk £9.95


Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles

Ved Mehta

(Andre Deutsch, London, 1977)

A biographical account based not only on written records, but on the oral testimony of living Gandhians. The author reclaims something of the human being behind the myth, and looks at how his ideas have been simultaneously revered and ignored in India.

hbk £5.00


Towards Fair and Free Elections

Jayaprakash Narajan et al

(Lok Niti Parishad, New Delhi, India, 1970's)

pbk £3.00


Nonviolent Revolution in India

Geoffrey Ostergaard

(Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, 1985)

Tracing the intellectual origins of Gandhi's novel concept, and telling the story of the strategy after his death, including Jayaprakash Narayan's controversial new strategy of"Total Revolution" which led to the government's imposition of Emergency Rule in 1975.

hbk £10.00


The Death and Afterlife of Mahatma Gandhi

Makarand R Paranjape

(Routledge, 2017)

The author asks whether the whole ideology of Hindu nationalism - rather than a lone fanatic - was responsible for the death of Gandhi. And does his death continue to haunt India, where many now consider him irrelevant?



Sonja Schlesin - Gandhi's South African Secretary

George Paxton

(Pax Books, 2006)

pbk £7.50


Champaran and Gandhi - Planters, Peasants and Gandhian Politics

Jacques Pouchepadass

(Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India, 1999)

How the indigo plantation economy culminated in the first experiment in Gandhian mass mobilisation.

hbk £13.99


Gandhi's Dilemma in War and Indepndence

Ranabir Samaddar

(Frontpage Publications, Kolkata, India, 2009)

The author reveals a new dimention to gandhi's personality.

pbk £11.95


The Agony of Arrival - Gandhi: The South Africa Years

Nagindas Sanghavi

(Rupa & Co, New Delhi, India, 2006)

hbk £19.95


War Without Violence

Krishnalal Shridharani

(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay, India, 1962)

The story of Gandhi's satyagraha, by one of Gandhi's followers, with a strong call for the adoption of nonviolent direct action and a dismissal of the value of non-activist pacifism.

pbk £14.00


Gandhi - A Political and Spiritual Life

Kathryn Tidrick

(IB Taurus & Co, 2006)

A sympathetic but not uncritical portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, bringing out some of the contradictions in his stance.

hbk £19.50


Liberation & Revolution: Gandhi's Challenge

(War Resisters' International, 1969)

Proceedings of the WRI's 13th Triennial Conference, held in Gandhi's Centennial Year, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.

pbk £9.50


Gandhi's Peace Army - The Shanti Sena and Unarmed Peacekeeping

Thomas Weber

(Syracuse University Press, 1996)

With a Foreward by Elise Boulding.

hbk £24.95 (reduced from £39.95)



George Woodcock

(Fontana, London, 1972)

The classic concise autobiography.

pbk £2.25




King: A Comics Biography - The Special Edition

Ho Che Andersen

(Fantagraphic Books, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2010)

A graphic novel-style biography.

hbk £24.99


Never to Leave Us Alone - The Prayer life of Martin Luther King Jr

Lewis V Baldwin

(Fortress Press, Minneapolis, USA, 2010)

Offers clues to both the man and his values.



Martin Luther King

Godfrey Hodgson

(Quercus, London, 2009)

A rounded portrait of the great orator and activist.

pbk £9.99


Going Down Jericho Road - The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King's Last Campaign

Michael K Honey

(WW Norton, New York, USA, 2007)

Looks at the street protests and the backroom deals which were part of the campaign which shook Memphis - and claimed King's life.

pbk £12.99


Behind the Dream - The Making of the Speech that Transformed a Nation

Clarence B Jones and Stuart Connelly

(Palgrave Macmillan, NewYork, USA, 2011)

The story of Martin Luther King's famous 1963 Speech in Washington.

hbk £14.99


Strength to Love

Martin Luther King Jr

(Fontana Books, 1974)

A collection of MLK's sermons.

pbk £2.50


The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr

(Ed) Clayborne Carson

(Abacus, London, 2010)

The latest reprint of this work (originally written in 1998), which gives the story of Martin Luther King compiled in his own words from his own speeches and writings.

pbk £10.99


Let the Trumpet Sound: A Life of Martin Luther King Jr

Stephen B Oates

(HarperPerennial, New York, USA, 1994)

A comprehensive and well-documented biography.

pbk £3.50


An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

William F Pepper

(Verso, London, 2003)

hbk £17.00


An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

William F Pepper

(Verso, London, 2008)

pbk £9.99


Killing the Dream

Gerald Posner

(Little, Brown & Co, 1998)

pbk £11.99


Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr and the International Hunt for His Assassin

Hampton Sides

(Allen Lane, London, 2010)

Not only the story of James Earl Ray's escape from prison and his assumption of a new identity prior to the assassination, but also the story of King's own last months - before the two men's paths fatefully crossed.

pbk £9.95 (reduced from £25.00)


King's Dream

Eric J Sundquist

(Yale University Press, London, 2009)

A new evaluation of the renowned speech, placing it in the context of US debates about racial justice.
hbk £16.99




Walden and On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau

(New American Library, New York, USA, 1960)

The record of Thoreau's experiment in simple living; together with one of the most famous essays ever written - the classiv protest against government interference with individual liberty.

pbk 2.50




Tolstoy on the Causes of War

Ronald Sampson

(Peace Pledge Union, 1992)

pmphlt £3.00


Government is Violence - Essays on Anarchism and Pacifism

Leo Tolstoy, Edited and introduced by David Stephens

(Phoenix Press, London, 1990)

A key collection, which still fills what is otherwise a major gap in available material by Tolstoy. Includes brief but useful notes, and a list of further reading.

pbk £7.95


Letter to a Hindu

Leo Tolstoy

(Peace News, London, 1963)

This essay, written in 1908, was addressed to Tarakuatta Das, in response to the latter's policy of violent resistance to British rule in India; it was one of the writings of Tolstoy which influenced Gandhi.

pmphlt £0.50


The Kingdom of God and Peace Essays

Leo Tolstoy (trans Aylmer Maude)

(Oxford University Press, London, 1936)

A collection which represents Tolstoy's final, considered opinion on war, and on the belief in violence which makes wars possible and popular.

hbk £9.00

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